Kelsey Kaptur

Kelsey KapturA life-long Michigander (her great grandfather was an engineer who worked on the first Corvette), Kelsey’s a writer, cartoonist, photographer, designer, calligrapher and, she says, daydreamer. Though we don’t know where she gets the time for the last one. Kelsey complemented her English degree from Michigan State (Go Green!) with a specialization in Graphic Arts. After graduating, she spent a year as a Graphic Designer at Plum Market, a chain of organically-inclined, locavore-friendly gourmet grocery stores in the Detroit and Chicago areas. This summer, she joined the design team at Factory. We knew when we saw her resume (out of some 60 or so we’d gotten for the position) that she was the one. She brings fresh eyes and her unique voice to our work.



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